Tuesday 12 July 2011

Enhanced calibration services for power measurements

An enhanced calibration service for high-frequency AC power measurement.

New services now being offered by Yokogawa, through its European Standards Laboratory in Amersfoort (NL), include calibration at frequencies up to 100 kHz - the only industrial (i.e. non-government or national) organisation to offer such a service; calibration of external current transducers at currents of up to 1200 A with very precise phase calibration to cater for the measurement of power as well as current; and the capability to carry out calibration at low power factors down to 0.001.

The European Standards Laboratory has also developed a high-accuracy power measurement system based on two sampling voltmeters and synchronisation devices using two stage inductive voltage dividers and electronic current compensated transformers with an AC shunt resistor. The measurement uncertainty of this low-frequency sampling wattmeter is less than 40 parts in 106 for active, reactive and apparent power for frequencies between 45 and 60 Hz.

Clive Davis, Yokogawa Europe's Test & Measurement Marketing Manager, comments: "This enhancement of our industry-leading calibration facilities supports Yokogawa's business proposition of offering value-added services and support to European customers, and reinforces our belief that we are the leading power measurement specialist in Europe."

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