Friday 8 July 2011

Automation social networking!

The International Society of Automation (ISA) debuted its social media site, ISA Interchange, at the recent leaders meeting.
This new educational, news-and-blog site provides automation professionals with an opportunity for finding relevant, high-quality technical knowledge; engaging with each other for information sharing and problem solving; and strengthening professional networks.

See Emerson's Jim Cahill's assessment of the site on his famous blog: ISA Interchange Surfaces and Promotes Exchange of Automation Knowledge! (11/7/2011)
ISA Marketing & Sales Division: New Automation hot-spot (12/7/2011)
“We’ve integrated today’s successful social networking tools with some of the richest resources in the automation field,” said ISA Executive Director and CEO, Pat Gouhin. “ISA Interchange provides rich ISA resources for our members, our customers and the automation community.”

Visitors to the website at will find that ISA Interchange is convenient, searchable, and continually updated with new content to create a rich technical resource. The site hosts articles, news, blogs and streaming video, to which visitors can post comments, start conversations, and share with other professionals in automation communities.

Gouhin continued, “One of our key priorities was to spark discussions about automation topics across technologies. Technicians, engineers, managers, students, all expect instant access to information, and we’re pleased to give them a tool that will enhance their success.”

ISA Interchange integrates onsite commenting; plus provides easy links for sharing via email and through popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flicker®, LinkedIn®, SlideShare, +1, Delicious, and others. The blog site also offers RSS feed subscription and email notification of updates.

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