Saturday, 4 December 2010

Power factor correction

New Power Factor Correction Converters from Powerstax

Powerstax has launched its new FP Series, AC to DC, 1000W and 600W power factor correction (PFC) modules.

The Powerstax FP Series are “full brick” (116.8x61x12.7mm) sized modules providing high performance AC-DC Power Factor Correction offering end users a typical system power factor of 0.99. The converters have been developed to provide front-end power conditioning for systems using high input voltage DC-DC Modules. The Powerstax PFC Modules offer a cost effective alternative to designing power supplies with discrete components in many applications.

The Powerstax FP Series of PFC modules incorporate surface mount technology to achieve high power density and reliability. The converters are available with either a universal input voltage range, (85V - 264VAC), for worldwide applications or high-line (230VAC) only, both types provide an output voltage of 380VDC.

The FP PFC series offer system builders many control options and protection features. The ENABLE output can be used to control the load DC-DC converters. DCOK and VAUX outputs are available to provide monitoring of the system if required and early warning of mains failure. A SYNC input pin allows modules to be synchronized to an external system clock for particularly noise sensitive applications. The modules have inrush current limiting, thermal shut down, output over-voltage and input under-voltage protection.

The Powerstax FP series are in the industry standard “full brick” package (116.8 x 61 x 12.7mm), offer high efficiency of greater than 95% and conform to IEC-1000-3-2. The modules have an operating temperature range of -25°C to +100°C (base plate), thermal protection and carry a two year warranty.

Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax comments; "Powerstax has established an excellent reputation for providing innovative high efficiency, high power full brick converters offering system builders very flexible solutions to power system design. Our new PFC converters give designers another option for controlling the power factor of their systems and reducing EMC problems while maintaining high efficiencies.”

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