Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Energy saving lighting

LPRS transducers used in Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

LPRS has established itself as a major supplier of transducers used in energy saving lighting systems manufactured by Ex-Or Ltd.

Ex-Or manufactures lighting controls for all applications including, presence detection, lighting management systems, architectural dimming and scene setting and emergency lighting testing systems.  Ex-Or systems help customers achieve energy savings, reduce fuel bills, and create an optimum environment for staff or visitors.

LPRS began supplying Ultrasonic transducers and 40KHz crystals to Ex-Or in 1986, when it was known as Inline Electronics. These devices were used in sensor operated lighting systems that would turn off lights when no movement was detected after a pre-determined period. As energy costs have increased and the need for “green” solutions has grown, so has the market for such lighting automation systems.

John Sharples, Managing Director of LPRS comments; "The original Inline motion detector system was clearly ahead of its time. With the growth of this market our sales of transducers to Ex-Or has grown significantly, year on year.  We have maintained an excellent relationship with this customer for more than twenty years by offering great customer service, reliable products and excellent technical support.”

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