Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Independent benchmark provides assurance of robust network communication

Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateway earns Achilles Certified™ designation 

As mentioned in the Operations & Maintenance section of their recent Berlin press event (#EMReu) Emerson Process Management has been awarded Achilles certification for its Smart Wireless Gateway.  Based on rigorous testing by independent consultant Wurldtech Security Technologies, the certification gives customers added assurance that the robust security measures built into Emerson’s Smart Wireless networks meet the demands of industrial automation applications.

The Smart Wireless Gateway
is a key part of
Emerson’s self-organizing
wireless field network technology.
“Emerson’s commitment to developing robust products has been demonstrated by their multiple Achilles Certified devices,” said Kevin Yoo, Achilles Certification Program Lead for Wurldtech. “They are continuing their emphasis on network robustness with the Emerson Smart Wireless Gateway, which is the first device in the new ‘network components’ category to achieve Achilles Certification.”

The Achilles Certified Communications program provides an independently verified benchmark for assessing the network security and resilience of applications, devices, and systems in critical industrial infrastructures. 

“Security has been a top priority for our Smart Wireless technology right from the start,” said Emerson security and IT-integration manager Jeff Potter.  “Achieving Achilles certification validates our approach and will further enhance customer confidence in the security and reliability of our wireless networks.”

The Smart Wireless Gateway is a key part of Emerson’s self-organizing wireless field network technology.  Based on the IEC 62591 (WirelessHART®) standard, these networks use multiple strategies – including encryption, network keys, integrity codes, and anti-jamming techniques -- to provide secure, reliable communications even in harsh industrial environments.

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