Thursday, 9 December 2010

1st Industrial PC with MS Windows XP Pro operating system

Schneider Electric has  announced the Magelis™ Smart+ iPC, the first industrial PC with Microsoft® Windows XP® Pro that does not require maintenance or contain any rotating parts (no hard disk or fan). It also offers all of the openness associated with Windows XP® Pro. The Type 4X (IP65) touch screen shares the same 15" dimensions as the rest of the Magelis range. With its Intel® Celeron® M 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and two Ethernet ports, Magelis Smart+ iPC offers great performance, and features a solid state drive (SSD) with Windows XP Pro.

The industrially rugged Magelis Smart+ iPC has been certified to the most demanding standards (UL 508 for industrial control equipment, UL and ATEX for hazardous locations, marine). It supports Vijeo Designer™ HMI applications (demonstration version can be expanded to unlimited version), as well as Vijeo™ Citect™ SCADA supervisor applications.

With a sealed touch screen, keyboard and pointer options, compact dimensions, and choice of DC or AC power supply, users are able to easily integrate the product into a wide variety of control systems. To further simplify user experience, Schneider Electric has created the open design that utilizes the Windows operating system for software applications support, and dual Ethernet ports, including high-speed ports for exceptional connectivity. All of this provides worry-free operation, greater longevity, and less risk of capability issues when implementing future systems.

“Schneider Electric is proud to be a complete automation solutions provider that enables seamless integration of its iPCs and HMIs not only into our own control systems but also into other brand systems,” commented Jacob Kimball, HMI product marketing manager. “The Magelis Smart+ iPC, as well as the rest of the Magelis HMI and iPC products, matches up single development software with our panel cut-outs allowing customers to avoid major re-design issues when selecting different HMI or iPC products.”

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