Thursday, 16 December 2010

Major design award

Distinguished by the coveted
iF product design award:
At this year’s International Forum Design (iF) competition the international jury bestowed the iF product design award 2011 (in the "industry + skilled trades" category) on the Han-Yellock® by the Harting Technology Group. Since its inception in the year 1953, the iF award is an acknowledged hallmark distinguishing excellent design. “By participating in the iF competition companies document their commitment to innovation and the courage to measure up to competitors," as a spokesperson of the iF International Forum Design GmbH declared. With its Han-Yellock® the company has once again demonstrated innovative strengths and is playing a pioneering role throughout the sector.

Both the design and the technical capabilities of the Han-Yellock® have impressed professionals, as reflected by the fact that two renowned trade magazines have selected the Han-Yellock® as the "Product of the Month" this year. The iF product design award 2011 also underlines the strength of the design in an international context: some 1,121 participants from 43 countries submitted products to this year’s award competition.

“The design of the Han-Yellock® perfectly embodies our claim of “New Thinking“ and aptly expresses the harmony of form and functionality. The iF product design award also rewards our courage to pursue new approaches. Fielding the Han-Yellock® we are proving that innovative connector technology not only embodies key functionalities, but is also capable of cutting a distinctive design profile," as Philip Harting, Vice President Connectivity & Networks of the Harting Technology Group commented.

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