Monday, 6 December 2010

Cool enclosure

Air routing for Rittal roof mounted TopTherm Plus cooling units

When using Rittal TopTherm-Plus roof mounted cooling units it is advisable to use the air duct system to ensure proper routing of the chilled air within the enclosure. It is possible to target the cold air directly to specific areas of the enclosure and ensure chilled air is not blowing directly at the exhaust of hot components. Using the air duct system can also reduce the risk of “short circuits” in the air supply that can reduce cooling unit efficiency.

Never direct cold airflow straight at active components; ideally route the air directly downwards without additional bends also additional deflections will reduce cooling capacity. Use cover stoppers to seal outlets that are not required but at least 2 outlet openings must remain open. Cold air must be able to escape unobstructed at the end of the duct and the air duct system should not be extended.

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