Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How to videos

Keithley Instruments releases 11 new "How-To" videos on configuring and operating source-measure units

Keithley Instruments has produced a series of 11 new tutorial videos on topics related to configuring and operating one of their most popular product types, Source-Measure Units (SMUs). The videos,
which range from one to four minutes in length, focus on the award-winning Series 2400 SourceMeter® instruments and can be downloaded and viewed on Keithley's YouTube site.

The titles of the new videos are:

*         How to Use Saved Set-ups

*         How to Set up GPIB/RS-232 Communication

*         How to Set up a Fast Voltage Pulse

*         How to Restore Factory Defaults

*         How to Find the Serial # and Firmware Revision

*         How to Enable/Disable Source Autoclear

*         How to Enable/Disable the Beeper

*         How to Configure the Limits

*         How to Configure Output-off Modes

*         How to Configure Local/Remote Sense

*         The Difference between Real and Range Compliance

The Series 2400 SourceMeter® instruments, which have received the Test of Time Award from Test & Measurement World magazine, have the ability to measure current and source voltage simultaneously, or measure voltage and source current simultaneously. Introduced in 1996, SourceMeter instruments are widely used in both R&D and production test applications requiring tightly coupled sourcing and measurement, such as I-V characterization of electronic components and DC parametric test.

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