Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monitor is good value!

The new X-Y monitoring system from Kistler for manufacturing process monitoring and product testing offers high performance, flexibility and a colour touchscreen user interface all for a starting price of around £1,200 which is excellent value for money.

Their maXYmo BL XY monitor provides maximum performance for minimum price in a wide range of manufacturing processes and quality assurance product testing. Available in panel mount and worktop versions, the maXYmo BL can evaluate a production step or product test on the basis of a curve of up to 8,000 pairs of X-Y values derived from piezoelectric or strain gage sensors on the Y-channel, and potentiometer sensors on the X-channel. The system monitors the process by the relationship between the X-Y curve and the evaluation objects that have been set by entering numerical values or by dragging and dropping on the touch screen user interface. . Up to four UNI-BOX, ENVELOPE CURVE, LINE or NO-PASS type evaluation objects can be allocated for each measurement program or curve to generate OK or NOK (not OK) results.
The maXYmo BL provides a wide range of functions for standard X-Y monitoring tasks:
  • 1. Each evaluation object can be aligned relative to absolute or dynamic reference points.
  • 2. Two real-time outputs can be allocated to either the X- or the Y-channel and used for simple control functions.
  • 3. Current and historical warning messages and alarms, a diagnostic memory for recent curves and a bar chart for finding the sources of NOKs to facilitate traceability in the event of problems.
  • 4. Password access authorizations for different user groups protect against tampering.
  • 5. The maXYmo BL provides 16 measurement programs for 16 different types of parts.
  • 6. The maXYmo BL can exchange measurement data, process values and control signals and allow remote maintenance via Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus DP and digital IO interfaces.
  • 7. Traceable measurement data and evaluation results can be exported for each part via Ethernet or USB.
  • 8. The maXYmo BL can provide the data of the record for a particular workpiece with a serial number from the PLC via bus or from the integral serial number generator.
To support the flexibility of the maXYmo BL, Kistler supply a wide selection of compatible, piezoelectric, strain gauge and potentiometric force, torque, displacement and angle sensors.

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