Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Handheld load cell indicator

Battery powered, handheld load cell Iindicator – free calibration available

The TR150 handheld load indicator from LCM Systems is a versatile and intuitive precision instrument, ideal for use by both OEMs and end users alike. The portable, environmentally sealed unit has been specifically designed for accuracy and versatility. It can be used with the full range of sensor technology from LCM Systems as part of portable load cell and calibration systems or as a shackle, link load or hire fleet load display. They also offers free calibration of the system if ordered with any sensor from the company’s extensive range.

With only six keys to access, the operator can easily set up the unit and the configuration menu enables the setting of a tare value, display resolution, filter rate, auto power off and selection of low power mode – all through the front panel. This menu option also enables the user to tailor the instrument’s response to the application. The TR150 accepts an input range of up to 50mV/V and two separate ranges are available which means that the instrument can both read and display two separate parameters. In each range all the variables can be set, including zero and filtering.

Engineers at LCM Systems are aware that power issues are important when designing portable instruments. TheTR150 incorporates a unique innovative power saving feature that means when enabled, connecting a 350 ohm bridge can offer up to 450 hours battery life. In normal power mode up to 35 hours battery life is achieved. The TR150 also incorporates an auto power off facility, which can be set during configuration in 1 minute increments up to 99 minutes.

A host of options is available including RS232 output, batteries and battery chargers and a leather carry case.

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