Friday, 17 December 2010

Displacement measurement in pressure test vessels

Accurately measuring displacement in pressure test vessels demands robust, miniature transducers that are designed to withstand tough conditions. RDP Electronics offers several ranges of linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs) that can withstand not only the pressures involved but where required submersion in water and oils – even combinations of pressure with high temperatures in some extreme cases.

Testing typically involves soil, rock and core samples and according to the precise requirement, LVDTs from RDP’s D5, PY and LIN ranges can provide the appropriate solution. Designed for use while submerged in fresh water, most corrosive liquids and gases, RDP’s D5 transducer series offers micron accuracy, can be sealed to withstand pressures up to 34 bar and is well suited to soil testing. Options include unguided and spring operated versions and a choice of end (axial) or side (radial) connections.

For component testing, the compact PY range is ideal for use where access or mounting space is limited, as it uses the variable reluctance principle to measure the distance of a metallic target over ranges of 1.5mm to 6mm from the transducer's body without any direct contact. Finally, the LIN transducer is suitable for submersion and capable of working at temperatures up to 450°C or pressures of 200 bar. The standard range of LIN transducers are available for measurement ranges from ±5 mm up to ±25 mm and as well as withstanding extreme high and low temperatures are also suitable for environments subject to exposure to radiation.

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