Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Transducers ideally suited to tests involving shock and vibration

Linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs) from RDP Electronics are inherently robust and durable enough to meet the rigours of testing in situations generating vibration or shock.

Such test situations are numerous, but typical applications include vehicle testing, recoil testing, switchgear testing, and use on rolling mills and steel production machines, which often involve high levels of shock and vibration. Thanks to the rugged LVDT technology they have a high cycle life, excellent accuracy and repeatability with the added advantage of being an absolute device with infinite resolution. Because the sliding core of an LVDT does not touch the inside of the tube in which it is housed, it can move without friction, making the LVDT a highly reliable device, while the absence of any sliding or rotating contacts allows the device to be totally sealed. Typically the housing is of stainless steel providing high levels of protection against the operational environment. RDP offers comprehensive ranges of LVDTs for many types of accurate displacement measurement.

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