Monday, 20 December 2010

Online-tool for system integrators

Thomson's website offers new online tools that users and system integrators can use to find the right product in exactly the right size.
Thomson has enhanced its customer support with the addition of innovative product selection, configuration and sizing tools to its website. These tools can be found online at Depending on their requirements, users can select one of the following tools for products across Thomson's comprehensive range, which includes linear bearings and guides, planetary gearheads, ball screws, brakes and clutches, linear actuators, motors, linear motion systems and controllers:
    - Thomson Product Selectors – with one selector for each product segment, simply specify the desired product features and generate a list of products in an easy-to-read comparison table
    - Linear MOTIONEERING® – sizing, selection and quotation tool for linear systems
    - Micron MOTIONEERING® – sizing, selection and pricing application tool for Thomson’s wide variety of transmission products
The Product Selector tool has a special input screen to help you choose the appropriate model(s) for you. Each product category has its own product selector or “advisor”: ball screws and splines, lead screws, linear bearings, linear race shafting, profile rail linear guides, linear guide: round rail, linear actuators, precision balls, precision linear actuators and clutches and brakes. In the example shown in illustration 1 (“Linear Bearings” selector), you can first select the product family (e.g., Super Smart, Miniature Instrument, XR Extra Rigid, etc.) and then enter the shaft size in inches or millimetres. Under bearing options, enter the desired bearing type (open, closed, adjustable) and specify if additional features, such as wipers, seals, etc., are required. There is also help available with many of the options to guide you in choosing the appropriate features. With each option or feature clicked, the list of matching linear bearings on the right hand side of the window will update until only a few suitable models are displayed. You can also generate a special comparison table to see all the characteristics differentiating the products listed at a glance, providing additional help in making your choice.

The innovative Linear MOTIONEERING and Micron MOTIONEERING tools are web-based sizing, selection and calculation tools for linear positioning slide systems and for Thomson transmission products. The user simply enters application parameters in a few simple steps and application needs are filtered through a comprehensive set of calculations, such as linear bearing load/life, ballscrew critical speed, specific movement profiles and radial/axial forces. The tool then produces a set of product solutions tailored precisely to your application requirements. Once a product solution is selected, you can choose from a wide assortment of accessories, motors and motor mounts. In addition to this, the program offers interactive 3D models, list prices, delivery times and ordering information.

Also available on the website are interactive 3D models offering a three-dimensional representation of every Thomson product, which you can observe from all angles, using your mouse to zoom in and out. The dimensions and all other essential data are also displayed. Graphics can be downloaded in all common image and CAD formats, and you can even send an order request directly to Thomson from the illustration.

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