Thursday, 2 December 2010


A completely new Generic HART® DTM for FDT frame applications

For many years a generic Device Type Manager (DTM) for HART® devices has been delivered with PACTware®, and many people have used this.

A significantly more advanced Generic HART DTM Rel. 5 is now available for free downloading from ICS. Users no longer require a test license but can commence immediately with their work. The DTM executes with all functions (except calibration) free of charge for 30 days following the installation and must then be licensed.

Release 5 offers the following new features for system commissioning, operation and maintenance:

  • All functions are described in detail to provide improved support for when the DTM is only used sporadically

  • 5 calibration functions are available, documented with detailed instructions (Professional license required)

  • The PACTware® Device State Manager provides condition monitoring of all HART devices (NAMUR status) in a system together with the Generic HART DTM

  • The device data record can be exported as a file and also reimported in order e.g. to distribute copies of device data to a range of field devices of the same type

    The Generic HART DTM offers the following extensions for FDT and HART specialists:

  • Many additional common practice commands are processed, e.g. the enhanced status and the EEPROM function

  • Audit Trail and all other FDT 1.2.1 functions can be used
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