Wednesday 28 July 2010

Solid state replaces vacuum tubes in radar TX

A full line of highly reliable, solid-state radar transmitter systems to drive Klystrons, TWTs, IOTs, and magnetrons operating from UHF to W band is available from Diversified Technologies.

DTI Radar Transmitter Systems incorporate switching power supplies, solid-state pulse modulators, and controls that provide from 10 to 50% greater power efficiency and higher reliability than vacuum tube based systems. Featuring full pulse flexibility from 50 ns to 10 ms pulse frequencies, depending upon application, these modular, all solid-state systems are suitable for new and retrofit radar installations.

Providing >99% switching efficiency, <500 ns switching times, and pulse frequencies up to 100 KHz, depending upon load, DTI Radar Transmitter Systems are easy to install. Stackable from 11 to 66 KV, they have a single controller that can drive one or two switches in a push-pull configuration, yielding fast fall time for a capacitive load.

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