Saturday 3 July 2010

Nuclear motor brochure

Baldor has published a highly informative brochure detailing the extensive range of motors that it produces for nuclear applications. The product line is the largest available from a single source and encompasses over 250,000 ratings, types, styles and sizes, from 200 W to 11,000 kW. The brochure is a key information resource for anyone seeking to install or replace a motor in a nuclear power plant, or in a nuclear fuel reprocessing or radioactive waste management facility. Typical uses include driving fans, pumps, compressors and motorized valve actuators.

The brochure details all the motors that Baldor produces for use in Class 1E (safety related) Mild and Harsh Environments, as well as radiation-resistant motors for operation in non-Class 1E commercial or industrial environments. Every Baldor nuclear motor component – from the motor hardware to the rotor and stator – fully complies with the appropriate IEEE and NUREG standards governing nuclear power plants.

Baldor Class 1E nuclear motors are available in a wide range of NEMA and IEC frame sizes, and are designed, manufactured and tested under a nuclear quality assurance program in compliance with the NRC (United States’ Nuclear Regulatory Commission) 10CFR50 Appendix B standard. Class 1E motors for use in a harsh environment are qualified for a total radiation dosage of 2 x 106 Gy over a 40-year life; those intended for use in a mild environment are qualified for a total radiation dose of 1 x 102 Gy over the same period.

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