Tuesday 20 July 2010

Strain gauge amplification

Sub-miniature, high performance “In-Cell” amplifier

By incorporating the second generation “in-cell” amplifier (ICA) from LCM Systems, engineers can convert a strain gauge input to a voltage or a current output. This high performance, sub-miniature amplifier can be used for internal amplification of strain gauge based load cells, pressure transducers or torque transducers.

Available in six different versions with a wide range of current and voltage outputs, this latest amplifier with its robust construction has also been designed for quick and easy installation. With a maximum height of only 7.6mm, a standardised excitation of 5V DC and plated through holes for wire connections, its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of OEM applications. Reverse polarity, short circuit protection and a fast calibration procedure are just some of the other features on this CE approved range of amplifiers.

According to Steve Sargeant, Managing Director, LCM Systems is one of only a few companies who have an amplifier suitable for load cell integration. “The technology has been available for many years and is widely used in pressure transducers.” he explains. “However, it hasn’t really been utilised with load cells but has considerable benefits. The signal obtained from a pre-conditioned and pre-calibrated load cell, can reduce installation time and can reduce downstream instrumentation costs.

LCM Systems can integrate the ICA into the majority of its comprehensive range of sensor products. For applications where this is not possible, a small inline enclosure, incorporating the ICA can be used.

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