Tuesday 13 July 2010

Voltage alert in hazardous areas

The Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has announced that it has achieved hazardous area certifications (Class 1, Division 2, HAZ LOC, Groups A, B, C, D) for its UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert.

The Voltage Alert is designed to reduce the risk of electric arc flash by pre-verifying the electrical isolation from outside of a control panel before it is re-verified with a meter. It operates over a standard range of 40 to 750 VAC (30 to 1000 VDC) line-to-line or ground-to-ground, is phase insensitive and offers high surge immunity protection. When hardwired to the load side of a circuit breaker or main disconnects, the UPA-130 series flashes upon detection of hazardous AC and DC voltage in any individual phase. After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while an enclosure door is still safely closed. The compact, eight-detector UPA-130 series offers a potted construction with six-foot leads and is designed to fit a 30mm knockout. Its design includes redundant circuitry and the incorporation of long-life display panel LED’s for extended use, with components housed in NEMA 4X, 12 and 13 electrical enclosures.

The UPA-130 series Universal Voltage Alert is a reliable safety tool for pre-verification of the presence or absence of residual electrical power or charges, or as a zero energy indicator, both before or during mechanical lock out/tag out (LOTO) procedures. It can also be used to enhance NFPA 70E and OSHA regulatory compliance standards. This series is also ideal for use in applications such as circuit breaker disconnects, as well as with NFPA 70e Category III and IV high energy panels; or as an added electrical safety tool on other types of frequently accessed electrical panels. In addition to its hazardous area certifications, it is also compliant to CATIII and CATIV standards, and is CE marked and UL-approved in both the US and Canada.

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