Saturday 3 July 2010

Water-in-solvents analyser!

Applied Analytics, Inc. redesigns and enhances their already very successful Microspec product.

Just like their counterparts in the computer and cell phone industries, Applied Analytics continue to take advantage of the latest technologically superior - and very often less costly - components, to enhance the performance of products. "In today's competitive market, one cannot afford to sit back and rest on one’s laurels; one must stay alert to the advent of change. Superior components provide three great benefits: improved performance, longevity, and a cost savings which will translate into a lower-priced, elegant solution for end users."

"Stellar performance begins with a concept, followed by a superior design and precision construction; embracing quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the Applied Analytics team. Like our well-proven family of analyzers including the OMA300 and the TLG-837, the Microspec MCP-200 is endowed with technology and design innovation that are unknown elsewhere."

The Applied Analytics Microspec is an excellent online, real-time, water-in-solvents analyser. In these economic times, it ought to be seriously considered and promoted, because it offers considerable savings over current methodologies in use.

The Microspec is an ideal replacement for the lab where lab personnel are performing routine applications for liquid samples that require Karl Fischer titration to determine the amount of water in the sample. The MCP-200 will perform this measurement online continuously, and will save its users a great deal of money with an ROI that is in most cases measured in months. We will be more than happy to work with you to demonstrate the savings in manpower.

Some of the applications are: Water in Acrylonitrile, Acrylic acid, Chlorine, Methylcyclohexane, Hexane, Acetone, Panthenol, Aniline, Silicon Oil, Liquid Ammonia, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, 2-methyl-5-mercaptothiadiazole, vinyl chloride, Caprolactam, Piperidine, Piperazine, acetopenone, Benzophenone, Oils, EDC, Pesticide formulations, Urea, Cyclopropyl methyl ketone, lemongrass oil, diesel, gasoline, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. The analyser can also be used for gas applications such as CO2, CO, and CH.

With the Microspec you may expect a high-performance instrument, innovation, expert design, quality manufacturing, reliability, proven benefits, proven technology, and customization based on your specific needs.

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