Wednesday 28 July 2010

Magnetostrictive linear position sensor

Gefran has launched its new ONP1-A magnetostrictive linear position sensor range that features the sensor and automation specialists recently patented ONDA magnetic sensitive element measurement system.

With its name derived from the Italian word for 'wave', Gefran's ONDA technology combines a highly sensitive wave measuring element for current or voltage output of both displacement and speed from a simple magnetic cursor. The contactless and durable measurement system is characterised by simplicity in installation and extremely long life with very high accuracy and repeatability in an affordable design - even for applications that do not require such high levels of precision.

For the ONP1-A linear position transducer the measurement element runs in an IP65 protected extruded aluminium rail with a robust 4-pin solenoid valve connector built into one end. Maintaining complete simplicity for installation, the magnetic cursor requires no electrical power and can be supplied as a simple floating component that is fixed on the customers machine or alternatively in a housing that mounts parallel to the rail in a choice of three configurations with different axial connections. In all configurations the alignment is not critical and the cursor may be fixed with the rail moving – or vice versa. Steel mounting brackets are optionally available that match the anodised rail profile and mating DIN 43650 connectors rated to IP65 with flying leads are also offered.

With more than thirty electrical stroke lengths available from 50 mm to 1500 mm, the high bandwidth ONDA measurement system has a resolution that is limited only by the sensitivity of the measuring system, an independent linearity of better than 0.04% of full scale and maximum acceleration up to 100 m/s2. With both voltage and current output signals available, the unit requires a 24 VDC input and is fully protected againstpolarity inversion and overvoltage.

The highly robust design of the ONP1-A allows for a shock rating of 100g for 11 milliseconds and vibration to 12g between 10 and 2000 Hz. The operational temperature range is from -20 to +75

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