Saturday 3 July 2010

Web based SCADA system

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released version R9.03 of the FAST/TOOLS web-based SCADA system. Adopted by many innovative industrial automation users worldwide, this platform-independent process management software sets the standard for Operational Excellence. Combining the latest web technology with exceptional quality has resulted in the most advanced SCADA solution yet - one that is designed to meet the latest engineering and maintenance requirements. Thirty years of project experience and innovation in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power industries are the foundation for this next generation SCADA software.

This greatly enhanced version of the FAST/TOOLS web-based SCADA system enables a new and innovative approach to remote engineering and maintenance, deploying process applications and monitoring via web-based services. Its use of the latest technologies and web-based architecture provides management and maintenance personnel with easy and secure access to their assets. FAST/TOOLS has high-level system integration capabilities, facilitating ever more intuitive and advanced system deployment and significantly reducing costs.

Remote asset management drives down operating costs and optimises the sharing and exchange of information. The latest web technologies are incorporated in the Java-based FAST/TOOLS engineering and maintenance environment to enable access and execution within standard web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. This facilitates access by the various start-up and design teams to the application and system software configuration, in a zero deployment and transparent manner. The integrity and confidentiality of process information is preserved. Java was chosen as it can be used with standard web browsers; it is architecturally neutral and provides good support for superb graphics.

Numerous benefits are derived from this concept including global access and sharing of data via collaboration centres and other venues, allowing continuous application development and management to take place. Furthermore, a reduction in the number of paper documents required and the higher level of management efficiency made possible by the continuous availability of process information are expected to lead to a reduction in cycle time.

A commitment to security policies that are in accordance with corporate IT directives is the foundation for Yokogawa's development activities that are targeted at achieving a secure deployment. To enhance security, this system and its applications are hardened to prevent failures and protect against unauthorised access and use. At the same time, thanks to a simple licensing policy, it is now easier than ever to reduce costs through web-based engineering and virtualisation. A web-based server and client architecture ensures easy remote access and facilitates the deployment of security enhancements as well as graphics and application services.

A new engineering and visualisation editor with an advanced sheet- and form-based environment allows for a conveniently arranged framework that greatly reduces the amount of work required for engineering and visualisation. The new environment is easy to work with, and combines the power of today's most sophisticated graphical applications in one easy-to-manage package. Dynamic layers and visibility groups enable multilevel processes and KPI monitoring and supervision within a single operations architecture.

The new operator environment is language independent and can be triggered by log-in procedures and the like. This allows for a mix of local and remote operators, as appropriate, and is not limited by language barriers.

A comprehensive new plug-in structure that goes beyond "traditional driver configuration" allows for excellent integration of new and existing infrastructure, guaranteeing seamless vertical and horizontal integration. Capabilities such as soft marshalling and the integration of FOUNDATION(TM) fieldbus device messages and information are setting the standard for Operational Excellence. This is applicable for both the Yokogawa product family and an extensive list of third-party hardware and software products. These include the Exaquantum plant information management system, the STARDOM network-based control system, the DAQMASTER data acquisition unit, the FA-M3 PLC, and the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system.

A variety of software platforms are supported to protect application investments and give users a full choice of hardware and software platforms. The client/host architecture operates securely on the Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003/2008 Server, UNIX, and Linux Redhat platforms.
Teruyoshi Minaki, a Yokogawa Director and Executive Vice President who heads the Industrial Automation Business Headquarters, comments: "The FAST/TOOLS R9.03 web-based visualisation, engineering, and remote maintenance environment brings revolutionary changes to real-time process information intelligence. It is enabling an evolution to a much more intuitive and advanced approach in remote process management and maintenance, and is easy to deploy across the web."

Main target markets and applications include process monitoring and asset management in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, iron and steel, waste, and water and wastewater treatment.

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