Wednesday 7 July 2010

Strain gauge bonding

The task of bonding strain gauges may appear to be an easy one, but it is not. It is a craft in its own right and takes experience and quality to produce the best results.

The design and manufacturing experience of precision strain gauges gives TSM a leading edge for customers requiring a strain gauge bonding service. Since 1959 TSM has installed countless strain gauges onto a wide range of components. The resultant understanding and knowledge allows them to provide a unique service to support your strain measurement needs.

The companies comprehensive facilities enable them to offer an entire range of services, even on intricate customer requirements such as specialist aerospace components, both in-house, in its state of the art clean rooms, or on-site. The good sized team of BSSM qualified technicians conform to BSSM, ISO9001 and Mil-l-45208 approved procedures, whilst using the highest quality strain gauges. All type of projects are embraced, from one off load cells to high volume bonding services.

In bonding strain gauges to a strained surface, it is important that the gauge experiences the same strain as the object. Many glues and epoxy resins are prone to creep, but TSM has developed a range of adhesives, coatings and accessories for trouble free preparation and bonding of precision strain gauges. The adhesives have been formulated to achieve ultimate performance under the majority of environmental conditions and are packaged to provide the user with maximum control in mixing and application.

The combination of experienced personnel working to stringent quality procedures and using the best materials ensures total reliability and repeatability of measurement data.

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