Thursday 22 July 2010

Communications standard

Profibus available across full range of monitors

Analytical Technology has added 24VDC powered and digital options of the Profibus DP (Decentralised Peripherals) standard across its full range of monitors, including its extensive chlorine range, in response to customer demand. The addition of Profibus DP standard to Analytical Technology’s monitors enables water and wastewater treatment plants to optimise maintenance and achieve a high level of confidence in chlorine measurements.

Profibus is a standard concerning fieldbus communication and was first introduced in 1989. The most commonly used application is Profibus DP, which is employed to operate sensors via a centralised controller in production environments. Profibus DP aims to offer better plant control through improved instrument output. Monitors and instrumentation equipped with Profibus DP offer more information by communicating sensor state and calibration needs, enabling operators to make judgements on the efficacy of measurements.

Demand for Profibus-enabled instrumentation in the water and wastewater industry is increasing. Analytical Technology works closely with customers to anticipate new requirements and as a result the company has added Profibus DP to its range of chlorine monitors, including free and combined chlorine, reagent free, clean water variant and unique non contact gas phase dirty water variant. Analytical Technology’s monitors are now available as 24VDC with relays or 85-260VAC with relays with optional digital communications. The Profibus-enabled monitors share the same sensor and processor, offering customers a common platform approach to measure all forms of residual chlorine in all applications. Installation costs are also reduced as Profibus-enabled monitors can run from one cable.

Dr. Michael Strahand, General Manager Europe at Analytical Technology, comments: “We are pleased to be able to offer our full range of monitors with Profibus DP. We aim to be at the forefront of researching and providing new technology and we look forward to working with our customers to further enhance our monitoring instrumentation.”

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