Tuesday 27 July 2010

Miniature proportional solenoid valves with inlet pressure compensation

ASCO Numatics has launched the Preciflow-IPC – Series 202 miniature proportional solenoid valves. These high performance valves are particularly suited to applications that require very precise control of air and neutral gases for medical or industrial applications. These include ventilators, oxygen mixing, anaesthesia, Mass Flow Controllers (MFC), fuel cells, and all applications where a high flow and low power consumption are required.
Picture, right, shows Cutaway view of the ASCO Numatics Preciflow-IPC solenoid valve showing the stainless steel valve seat and body, and FPM diaphragm and seals.

Thease two-way valves are constructed using high performance materials, including stainless steel for the valve seat and body and FPM for the diaphragm and seals. The design of the valve enables precise control by using flat spring technology to keep the core in suspension and give a perfect axial guidance without friction.

They are available for use with 6V, 12V and 24V DC supplies and have 23cm PTFE flying leads. The low power consumption of just 2.5W, makes them suitable for battery operation and the proven flat spring technology enables a low hysteresis of <5%,>
The valves do not require a minimum operating pressure and have an operating differential pressure of 0 to 7 bar with a maximum inlet pressure of 10 bar. Other features include a large orifice (3mm) and a wide pressure range with a high flow rate of up to 190 lpm at 2.6 bar. The variable flow is proportional to the control signal and there are no steps in the flow curve. The control signal is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and the valve can be used with a digital regulator or proportional control electronics.

The valve is available as an inline version with G1/8” with brass body, cartridge mount or pad mount (with PDVF body) and satisfies all relevant EC directives.

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