Thursday 29 July 2010

Forty fold increase in capacity

New plant to give forty-fold increase in production capacity
Intellitect Water, the company that developed the Intellisonde™ water quality monitoring instruments, has outgrown its premises in Christchurch and moved to a much larger facility in Romsey (Hants GB).

Chief Executive Tony Halker says, "The move has become necessary as a result of the rapid growth in orders that we have experienced in recent months, not just for our in-pipe network drinking water quality monitors, but also for the other versions of the Intellisonde™ that have been developed for applications such as short-term deployment for incident response, intake protection and final effluent monitoring. "The new facility in Romsey will bring product development, production and management operations under one roof. However, the main benefit will be a forty-fold increase in production capacity."

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