Saturday 3 July 2010

Pressure transmitter for high media temperatures

Baumer’s pressure transmitter ED701 is now available with a cooling neck for applications with high media temperatures of up to 300 °C. Thus, the device is suitable for pressure measurement especially in sterilisation processes in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industries as well as in medical technology. The ED701 features high accuracy and long-term stability. It is available with several industrial and hygienic process connections.

Even without cooling neck, the pressure transmitter is suitable for media temperatures of up to 150 °C, with a standard cooling neck for temperatures of up to 200 °C, and with an extended cooling neck for up to 300 °C. Due to the active compensation of temperature drifts, the ED701 has a very high measuring accuracy (up to 0.1 % F.S.). Furthermore, the device features a high long-term stability (0.1 % per year) and excellent repeatability. If required, the zero point can be recalibrated using a simple mechanical adjustment.

With a large range of process connections and several output signal options (4…20mA, 0…10VDC, 0…5VDC), the ED701 is suitable for a great variety of applications. The device is completely made of stainless steel, but for use with aggressive media, it can be provided with a pressure connection in Hastelloy C. For applications in hazardous areas, several ATEX versions are available.

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