Thursday 8 July 2010

Data acquisition with GPS tracking

The latest version of the Prosig’s CAN-bus/GPS measurement module is now available for the P8012, P8020 and P8048 data acquisition systems.

The CAN-bus module has been in use in the field for some time now, recording CAN-bus information for display and analysis alongside noise, vibration, temperature and other signals captured by Prosig’s P8000 systems. The module now has an option to capture GPS parameters in addition to CAN-bus data. The integrated software treats all analog, CAN-bus and GPS parameters in the same way so any mixture of parameters can be selected for display in real-time and subsequent processing. CAN-bus parameters can also be used start and to stop captures.

The data capture software now supports a realtime GPS track overlayed on a map. Velocity and altitude data measured by the GPS system can also be displayed alongside any other measurement channels in realtime displays. The latitude, longitude, altitude and velocity data is stored with with all the other sensor data captured by the P8000 system and is available to view and process in the resulting datasets. These signals can then be used to classify or select data for further analysis. For example you could choose to process data when the vehicle is on a particular road or a particular section of the track, or if you find an unusual event use the GPS data to give a position and time or the event.

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