Monday 22 February 2021

Multi rotary switch.

The new Elma MR50 multi rotary switch is now available from Foremost Electronics. Rugged rotary switches have a wide number of industrial applications and are indispensable in the agricultural vehicle sector where they are subjected to very harsh conditions.
“The market for compact robust electromechanical HMI products offering operators safe and simple operation and direct tactile feedback continues to grow in industrial and vehicle systems. While touch screens are increasing in popularity as an HMI solution, they are not always suitable for noisy, harsh environments or when operators may have to wear protective clothing such as gloves. The new Elma MR50 multi rotary switch offers a compact, rugged, flexible control product.” said Alan Vincent, Sales Director at Foremost.
The MR50 is an extremely small yet robust, multifunctional rotary switch providing the highest functionality and performance in a minimal space for compact control panels and portable devices. Front panel sealing to IP60 and IP68 and offering exceptional vibration resistance the Elma MR50 series is an ideal rotary selector for building site machinery and vehicles and agricultural applications.

This switch is highly customizable and has been used in applications as diverse as target aiming devices, night vision devices, interface solutions, two-way radios, cockpit applications (aircraft, automotive, construction machines), portable devices (communication, medical, rescue, sports, transportation, measuring, photo/video and test equipment.
With a diameter of just ½” (12.7mm) the MR50 provides up to 16 switch positions, with switching torques of up to 6 Ncm, and operates in either shorting or non-shorting mode. With gold-plated contacts (3-micron gold), the switch performs over the operating temperature range of -45 °C to +85 °C.

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