Wednesday 3 February 2021

Speed and proximity.

Following Variohm Holding’s recent acquisition of Phoenix America, several new component lines have been added to Variohm EuroSensor’s product range. This product expansion includes magnetically actuated speed and proximity measurement sensors comprising separate solid-state sensor housings and high density magnetic target components. 

The speed sensors provide a digital on/off output derived from a tight magnetic tolerance around a zero Gauss level that provides a 50% ‘duty cycle’ that can be used to determine rotational speed on motors or other rotating equipment. Proximity sensors also utilize Phoenix America’s well proven magnetic technology as solid-state or passive reed-switch devices for positional sensing for datum (home) or limit (end of travel) sensing.

For both speed and proximity sensor types, a wide variety of competitively-priced housing designs provide complete installation flexibility between the sensing and target elements with a choice of linear or angular orientation. Sensor housings range from thermoplastic moulded flat disc designs complete with mounting holes, integral wiring and connectors to threaded barrel types with integrated connectors in thermoplastic or nickel plated brass, complete with locking nuts. The magnetic target components for speed sensing are available in a variety of designs as solid thermoplastic encapsulated magnet discs with radial or face mounted magnets. Various diameters are available, typically with a central through hole for motor mounting. Target magnets for proximity sensing can be mounted for head-on or slide-by actuation.

Typical electrical operational range for the sensor electronics is 4 to 24 VDC with a 20 mA current sinking output determined by supply voltage and resistance values. With their non-contacting design and typical working temperature range from -40°C to 125°C, extremely long working life and exceptional durability is assured and with a large air-gap tolerance, installation is straightforward.
Phoenix America’s design and manufacturing capability extends to a wide range of other magnetic based sensing technologies that include magnetic encoders, gear tooth sensors, hall commutators for motors and other magnet based assemblies. A custom design service is available for specialised magnetic sensor applications. Variohm EuroSensor also fully support these other Phoenix America product lines across all of its sales channels and distribution outlets.

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