Tuesday 23 February 2021

Changing of the guard.

The founding generation (Therese Havemann, Klaus Havemann, Dr. Axel Hunsche) of German testing machine manufacturer TesT passing the baton to the succeeding generation (Jan Havemann, Arne Havemann, Julia Kiewitter (neé Hunsche) in the form of a spanner

Twenty six years ago, Dr Axel Hunsche, Therese Havemann and Klaus Havemann decided to found TesT. At that time, they were already able to contribute their experience and expertise in measurement and testing technology and mechanical engineering as a tried and tested team. This is how they laid a strong foundation for a company which has been successful on this day.

The second generation now follow in commitment to the SME family business. Julia Kiewitter (née Hunsche), Arne Havemann and Jan Havemann succeed to the management of TesT from 2021 as co-managing directors. They have already been well established in the company for years and have passed through all company divisions in various roles. 

In addition, due to their respective education in business administration, physics and mechanical engineering, the new management trio ideally complements each other professionally regarding the orientation of the company. At the annual company anniversary celebration in October 2020, the baton was already ceremoniously passed to the next generation in the form of a spanner. Julia Kiewitter, Arne Havemann and Jan Havemann are looking forward to embarking onto the future - together with the entire TesT family .

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