Monday 15 February 2021

Help from space for complex port & maritime problems.

Awake.AI collaborates with ESA to develop a marketplace for sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics

Awake.AI’s platform is currently used for smart ports and shipping operations by multiple actors such as port authorities and operators, cargo owners and ship operators around the globe. Awake marketplace is the new solution built on top of the existing platform offering new types of communications, ETA improvement, real-time asset tracking and identification and other advanced services to all actors.

With the help of networked organizations and SaaS (Software as a Service) workflow tools, Awake marketplace will facilitate the organization of the complex shipping and port services.

“We will offer a globally scalable marketplace for smart port and smart shipping services, which is built on leveraging the open APIs provided by the Awake.AI platform. Awake marketplace will enable any third parties to build their own solutions on top of the Awake Platform. It will be a full-service one-stop-shop for all smart port services, including service purchases raised by ships when making port calls, trucking and even operational services,” explains Simo Salminen, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, Awake.AI.

“This project demonstrates, among other industry-leading projects, that Awake.AI is the thought leader of AI-based solutions in maritime, ports and related logistics. We are bringing new revolutions to the market and connecting different logistics actors through a market network type ecosystem, where many participants work in a network-like setup to perform complex transactions like port calls,”– envisions Karno Tenovuo, Co-founder and CEO of Awake.AI

Project Commander was awarded funding by ESA Space Solutions which supports European companies to develop sustainable commercial space-based services, by providing funding opportunities and expert support.

“ESA is delighted to support AWAKE AI. with this project which is an excellent example of how Space Solutions uses data from satellites to transform businesses on Earth. ESA has a long history of supporting companies delivering maritime applications relying on space assets and data. Awake marketplace is a clear example of the unique value space can play in the digital transformation of port systems and of the shipping sector,” says Dr. Rita Rinaldo, Head of the Partner-led and Thematic Initiatives Section at ESA. 

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