Thursday 11 February 2021

Innovative and informative website about Power Quality.

The Power Quality as a Service (PQaaS) website has gone live online. The subject of mains Power Quality is rapidly becoming ever more important in the context of energy transition, smart grids and smart metering. By the same token, those who are supposed to be concerned and implicated in this are confronted with a host of different questions. What does Power Quality mean for power grid operators, administrations, industrial companies, electrical inspectors, electrical installers, professional associations, and infrastructure businesses such as airports, railroads, etc?

Knowledge sharing
The purpose of the new website is to provide useful theoretical and practical information to interested parties who may or may not be already familiar with the topic of Power Quality. And this is precisely what the name "Power Quality as a Service» is intended to highlight, using a concept familiar from the world of software services. The website transmits knowledge about relevant standards, measurement methods, why and where power quality is important, what are the phenomena and how do they manifest themselves, what you should pay attention to, how to ensure good Power Quality, examples of use, terminology clarifications, FAQs, etc.

A collaborative platform.
To cover the topic of power quality by touching on its various facets, Power Quality as a Service, or PQaaS, is based on standards, guidelines as well as practical experience. As such, PQaaS is not a one-off publication, instead it brings together international knowledge and technologies related to Power Quality from a wide range of different fields. At the same time, PQaaS continues to work on keeping up to date, maintaining interest and actively participating in social media activities. It purposely includes content from contributors, including blog articles and interactive chats, not least as a way of further enlarging the network of PQaaS partners and generating mutual benefit for all interested parties. The dynamic layout and content are designed to match this requirement.

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