Tuesday 16 February 2021

Ethernet connections.

The ODU MINI-SNAP® for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables Ethernet connections via copper cables with a single twisted wire pair, while allowing for the voltage supply of terminal devices via PoDL – Power over Data Line. The simpler design of the new generation of connectors and the associated weight and space reduction are good for designers and developers in various areas.

SPE standards and use:

• 1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bp)
• 1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw)
• 10BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3cq)

The maximum bridgeable distances of the standards vary between 15.40 and 1,000 meters. SPE is currently being introduced in new automotive generations, replacing CAN and other bus systems. In the future, communication, controls and security functions will be managed uniformly via Ethernet. The field of industrial automation is also keen to benefit from this. Here, SPE allows the barrier-free connection of devices, sensor and actuator technology and a great deal more.

SPE is available for the ODU MINI-SNAP® series L / K and for the ODU-MAC® series.

The properties summarized:

• Limits with unshielded cables according to OPEN ALLIANCE
• Limits with shielded cables according to IEC 63171-6
• 1 Gbps up to 15 m
• Up to IP68
• 5,000 mating cycles
• Push-Pull locking
• Cable assembly: various lengths and overmoulded varieties.

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