Wednesday 10 February 2021

Safe, user friendly control applications.

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) has issued a new safety release for their ESX.3xm and ESX.3xl electronic control units. This new software package enables customers to create functional safety applications on these control units using CODESYS V3.5 with the IEC61131 PLC programming languages. Additionally, these ESX-3 control units have now been integrated in the openSYDE Lifecycle suite.

This new functionality significantly increases the usability of the ESX.3xm and ESX.3xl. Those mobile machine manufacturers and system developers who prefer programming in C can naturally continue to do so, while those that prefer PLC programming languages now have a certified CODESYS solution as a user-friendly option. The control units and the programming suites have been certified for safety relevant applications by TÜV SÜD according to EN ISO 13849 (to Performance Level PL d) and EN 61508 (Safety Integrity Level 2, or SIL2).

Further improvements in this release include support for alternative Flash ROMs, support for Windows 10, and integration of the openSYDE flash loaders. The tried and tested KEFEX flash loader can still be used. openSYDE is the new STW framework and software suite for the implementation, analysis, maintenance and documentation of functions, data and programming in the new generation STW control systems. With the addition of openSYDE functionality for the ESX.3xm and ESX.3xl users have more flexibility and usability throughout the control system lifecycle, and access to a greater range of control units within openSYDE.

The ESX-3 control unit hardware incorporates a second independent processor that supervises the system power supply and program flow in the main processor. When necessary, this processor can turn off all outputs through a second shut-off path, and it can reset the main processor and thereby the control unit. These features help ensure that the hardware can fulfill the requirements of functional safety.

The two control units share the same architectural concept: A robust cast aluminium housing with automotive connector, a fast 32-bit microcontroller with 6 MB Flash and 4MB SRAM, 4 CAN interfaces, a serial port, buzzer and multiple LEDs. Additionally, to CAN and RS232, there are USB, Ethernet and LIN communication interfaces available as options. 

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