Thursday 11 February 2021

CAD Envelope Geometry for Performance and IP Protection.

The latest version of CoreTechnologie's 3D_Evolution Simplifier software now offers special applications and interfaces for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Digital Factory. Clever features reduce large assemblies by up to 97 percent.

Two-step Simplification Process
With the new application, it is possible to further simplify the lightweight solid envelope geometry CAD models created by the Simplifier process in a second step, which is an polygon reduction function for tessellated formats, especially for VR/AR as well as factory planning software tools. In the first step, the inner geometry is removed and a closed CAD solid envelope geometry is automatically generated. This is followed by an automatic deletion of interior components and an optional filtering of solids with small volumes. For the generation of exact CAD models, the optimum is reached after this first step.

To convert the models into tessellated formats such as VRML, FBX, OBG or JT, the next step achieves a predefined percentage reduction of the polygons within seconds using the new polygon reduction function. This extreme reduction in the number of elements to be rendered achieves a much higher performance and fluid rendering, for example, when animating very large assemblies.

The Simplifier automatically generates lightweight CAD envelope geometries for optimal performance in all downstream applications as well as during further processing in the CAD system.

Know-how Protection and optimum Data Quality
The envelopes generated with Simplifier also protect the know-how and enable secure data exchange with development partners, customers and suppliers. The tool processes over 40 different formats, including CATIA, XT, CREO,NX, Solidworks as well as DGN, IFC, JT and STEP without access to a CAD license and ensures optimum quality of import models through automatic checking and correction functions.

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