Thursday 25 February 2021

Oceanographic monitoring group appointments.

Two exceptional new members to the Teledyne Webb Research Glider team. Shea Quinn who is joining the team as the new Product Line Manager. Cordielyn Goodrich is a Customer Support Applications Engineer and member of the Glider Support Team.

Shea Quinn (top) and
Cordielyn Goodrich
When questioned about the potential impact of the new team members, Arnar Steingrimsson, Senior Director of Business Development – Vehicles, Teledyne Marine said, “We are excited to have Shea and Cordielyn join the Slocum glider team at Teledyne Webb Research. Both have a strong background in unmanned vehicles combined with existing connections to the Slocum user community and a customer centric approach that will both improve the overall Slocum customer experience and ensure that the Slocum glider maintains its position at the forefront of glider technology for years to come.”

In his new role, Shea is responsible for driving the product line development for the gliders and bringing voice of customer to the engineering and development process within the company. Shea will support the outside sales teams, agents, and customer base to assure that the products that are delivered meet customer expectations and specifications. Shea comes to Teledyne Webb Research from Lockheed Martin where he held several positions within the engineering group including most recently, Engineering Project Manager. Shea’s work experience at Lockheed includes a variety of unmanned and remotely operated vehicle projects. Shea earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Villanova University and a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering and Project Management from Cornell University.

In Cordie’s new role, she is providing customer support and training for users, creating and updating user documentation, piloting TWR gliders, and assisting in final test of new vehicles and beta testing of new Slocum hardware and software. Cordie joins us from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) where she was a Glider Research Specialist managing the Mid-Atlantic Glider Initiative and Collaboration (MAGIC) Lab. Cordie received her Bachelor of Mathematics from Washington College and a Master’s degree in Marine Studies from the University of Delaware, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

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