Monday 22 February 2021

Ethernet fieldbus controller acquires info.

Burster's new generation 9251 series fieldbus controller (available through Ixthus Instrumentation in Britain), supports PROFINET, EtherCAT and ETherNet/IP - and in combination with the well proven 9250 series universal instrumentation amplifiers make light work of sensor data acquisition for the Industry 4.0 age. 

Featuring automatic channel detection/addressing for up to eight 9250 instrumentation amplifiers and with flexible configuration using Burster’s DigiVision PC software via an integral USB interface, the 9251 has ample ability to simultaneously acquire and transfer large amounts of disparate sensor measurement data through the Ethernet fieldbus to PLCs, DAQ systems and other control systems.

Burster’s 9251 Ethernet fieldbus controller and 9250 instrumentation amplifier systems enable the flexibility to mix the customer’s preferred strain gauge, potentiometer, voltage or TTL sensor technologies. With rapid sensor set-up using Burster’s TEDS push-button auto-sensing facility, this extends to a manufacturer-independent choice that allows the integration of sensor data for complete machines and systems where high precision and real-time measurement of torque, force, vibration, pressure, etc., is required for extensive condition monitoring and preventative maintenance purposes – a pre-requisite of Industry 4.0.

The 9251 Ethernet controller also offers an optional analogue input with a ±10 V range that may be used as an additional measurement channel - allowing up to nine sensors per Ethernet fieldbus interface. This same option includes a PLC I/O channel (DIN61131) that may be used for tare, tare reset, or limit reset etc.

Their 9250 series instrumentation amplifier is based on 24-bit A to D conversion for highly accurate measurement with the sensor power provided by the amplifier module and no additional voltage source required. The amplifier may also be used independently of the fieldbus controller – its USB port and Burster’s DigiVision PC software may be used to configure autonomous measurement systems where a choice of sensor output and a range of other parameters can be called and set. As with many of its sensor products Burster can optionally supply these instrumentation amplifiers with DAkkS-certified calibration certificates.

The durable and compact 9251 and 9250 housings, finished in a polyamide material with metal support elements, feature DIN- rails mounting for convenient installation with the possibility to mount the amplifiers close to the sensor if required.

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