Wednesday 30 November 2016

Motor drives.

The CFP2000 series is Delta’s brand new high reliability and industry-specific vector control drive for fan and pump applications. Featuring a built-in EMC filter, DC chokes, Real-Time Clock (RTC), and BACnet, the CFP2000 Series provides the best solution for the special needs of the HVAC industry. The IP55 model features highly effective protection against dust and water in harsh environments.
Delta's CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive specially designed for HVAC, fans & pumps, and water treatment applications. It is designed with an IP55 enclosure to provide effective protection from dust and other particles and to offer a good level of water protection. In addition, it includes many outstanding features and built-in functions that reduce setup and tuning time in operation, and provide higher efficiency.

Various parameter groups are also included to allow simple and straightforward system setup. If a higher safety standard is required, an optional mains switch function is also available upon selection. The CFP2000 complies to STO/SIL2. Other outstanding features include support for both induction and permanent magnet motors, a real time clock, a built-in 10k-step PLC capacity , built in BACNet & MODBUS and various optional extension cards such as MODBUS TCP , Profibus DP and EtherNet/IP.

High reliability
The CFP2000 benefits from Delta’s high range production quality systems that differentiates both for reliability and cost. With an IP55 rating, the CFP2000 series features highly effective protection against dust and water in harsh environments. Additionally, an enhanced coating protects the PCB from gases such as salt, SO2, O3 and H2S. The CFP2000 is vibration (IEC 60068-2-6) and shock (IEC / EN 60068-2-27) resistant. Operation temperature range is -10 °C to 50°C. The CFP2000 is equipped with a built-in EMC filter and a DC choke. This design replaces the need for an electrical distribution cabinet and saves space for other devices whilst providing the benefits of harmonic suppression and better power quality to the system.

Multi-pump control
Delta´s Multi-Pump Solutions adopt the CFP2000 series to manage up to four pumps simultaneously. In HVAC applications, the Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) function of the CFP2000 series automatically adjusts motor output based on changing torque conditions to improve motor performance, reduce energy consumption, and extend service life. This auto-tuning capability also eliminates vibration in mechanical systems caused by sudden starts and stops, and provides protection in variable load environments where momentary power loss or variable loads are encountered.

Fire Mode Application
This feature is designed for ventilation of buildings, tunnels, subways and more. The drive will bypass the alarm warning in fire mode. When a fire occurs, it forces the drive to continue to operate to extract smoke or supplies water , until the drive fails or runs out of emergency power.

Perfect solution for HVAC and water treatment applications
The CFP2000 Series High Reliability Vector Control Drive is Delta’s brand new AC motor drive for fan and pump applications. The CFP2000 is available for all IP55 models from 0.75kW to 90kW and it integrates high speed communications such as BACnet and MODBUS.

The built-in 10k-step PLC Function supports independent and distributed control when connecting to a network system for high operation flexibility. The Real Time Clock (RTC) function facilitates the PLC program writing process for ON/OFF chronology, daylight savings operation and many other settings. Interface is English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Turkish and Polish.

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