Wednesday 9 November 2016

Wanted Dead or Alive.

Ashtead Technology is offering a trade-in for old emissions analysers, no matter what their condition or manufacturer. As part of the deal, customers will receive money off a new Testo 350 or Testo 340.

The Testo 350 is an industrial emissions and combustion analyser, capable of measuring up to six gases simultaneously from a selection including O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, SO2, H2S, CO2 and CH. Typical applications include service measurements on industrial engines, compliance testing on gas turbines and efficiency testing for industrial burners. The instrument complies with the MCERTS performance standards for Portable Emission Monitoring Systems (Certificate: Sira MC090159/03) which means that its performance has been tested and verified by a respected third party and can be employed for regulatory compliance monitoring. The Test 340 is a smaller, more economical instrument, capable of measuring up to four gases simultaneously.

Explaining the advantages of upgrading to a new instrument, Ashtead Technology’s Josh Thomas says: “This is a great opportunity to save money on a brand new instrument; there are more sensor options and thanks to a patented automatic dilution function, it is now possible to measure high gas concentrations, with easier application-specific menus and data export via Bluetooth, USB or the Testo Printer.

“Portable instruments are often exposed to a variety of demanding field conditions so with a robust housing and built-in impact protection the Testo 350 is ideal for customers with multiple measurement locations.”

The Testo 350 is available to purchase with a choice of unheated or heated sampling probes and Ashtead’s staff can advise on suitable probes for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas. Rental units are also available with a 335mm Flue Gas Probe (Max Temperature 500°C). Alternatively, there’s an optional 700mm Gas Sampling Probe (Max Temperature 1000°C).

Ashtead’s ‘Dead or Alive’ analyser offer is open until the end of 2016.

Anyone wishing to cash in their old analyser and upgrade to the latest Testo instrument, should   email . As Josh says: “It’s worth a quick call; alive or dead, your old analyser could be worth a lot of money!”

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