Tuesday 1 November 2016

Analyser is all-in-one USB3.1 receiver test solution!

Anritsu's MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer now supports the newest USB3.1 Gen2 receiver test standards. The USB3.1 Receiver Test Solution uses the G0373A Adapter and MX183000A High-Speed Serial Data Test Software to support both USB3.1 Gen1 (5 Gbit/s) and Gen2 (10 Gbit/s) receiver Jitter Tolerance tests.

With digital equipment interfaces speeding up and switching to serial technology to handle the high-speed transmission of large data traffic, the performance of the USB interface is coming under increased pressure. Fixed transmission path loss, jitter, equipment compatibility and signal integrity assurance are just some of the requirements that are driving the need for testers with high-quality reference test signals, as well as the ability to communicate with multiple interfaces.

The Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A is a plug-in modular Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) supporting measurement of multi-channel wideband interfaces up to 32 Gbit/s. Additionally, high-reproducibility USB3.1 Gen2 receiver tests are implemented using optimized high-quality output waveforms to measure high-speed interfaces.

Combining the G0373A and MP1800A supports generation of signals required by USB3.1 receiver tests as well as BER measurements. The MX183000A software controls the combined MP1800A and G0373A measurement system to set and control the receiver test signals and display the BER measurement results. The combination of the MP1800A, G0373A, and MX183000A offers an all-in-one USB3.1 receiver test solution for assured high-reproducibility. And automated measurement using the Granite River Labs automation software helps lighten test workloads.

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