Monday 21 November 2016

Next generation automation software!

Wonderware Ireland, part of SolutionsPT, has unveiled the next generation of Wonderware industrial automation software, including the upcoming Wonderware SCADA release, InTouch Omni.

At a launch event at the International Centre in Telford (GB), John Krajewski, Director of Product Management, HMI/Supervisory at Schneider-Electric, showcased InTouch Omni’s ‘game-changing’ interface and features. SolutionsPT also celebrated the 25th anniversary of its long-standing software distribution partnership with Wonderware in Britain & Ireland.

Marc Herreweghe, IDC,
addresses the meeting.
Built on the same core technology as Wonderware System Platform, InTouch Omni is an evolved version of the software, and will co-exist with both InTouch and InTouch for System Platform offerings. InTouch Omni has originated from this technology platform, and has been significantly enhanced upon with considerable investment over several years. Improvements include an updated UI visual experience, a simplified development environment and an enhanced ability to access and aggregate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. The result is a new industrial software solution that Wonderware believes ‘leap-frogs traditional HMI/SCADA systems.’

During his presentation, John described Omni as ‘Wonderware’s most complete offering to date’ and outlined the key benefits to users including improved simplicity, flexibility and scope. InTouch Omni improves user experience whilst delivering “out-of-the-box” content and process visualisation standards which greatly simplify the task of achieving optimal Situational Awareness of industrial processes. In addition, it works with any device, adding modern form factors, smart navigation and displays capable of delivering a superior operations experience. For ease of use and integration, third party app support is an integral part of the solution, helping drive further Information and Operations Technology (IT/OT) convergence. John concluded by reassuring delegates that InTouch remained Wonderware’s best-selling product and said the brand would continue to invest in its development.

The first day of the two day event also featured a presentation from keynote speaker, Marc Van Herreweghe, Associate Vice President at the International Data Corporation (IDC). Marc’s presentation, entitled Digital Transformation: Unleash Your Potential, spoke of the Industrial Internet of Things as the fourth industrial revolution and looked at how manufacturers could prepare themselves for digital transformation. He said that the factory of the future would be ‘IT intensive’ and that, by 2020, manufacturing operations would be at the forefront of business transformation projects.

Experts from SolutionsPT also gave presentations on Networking and Cyber Security, Cloud and SaaS offerings and ‘Managed Platform’, SolutionsPT’s new High Availability Managed Services offering for industrial environments.

The conference’s Expo area featured a chance to see Wonderware InTouch Omni software in action, as well as demonstrations by a number of SolutionsPT’s partners, including ThinManager, Citect and Stratus Technologies, ecom instruments, MDT Software, Ocean Data Systems and WIN-911.

Sue Roche, General Manager at SolutionsPT, said: “We were delighted with the attendance at our recent Next Generation Conference. We believe InTouch Omni is a game-changer and will become a key tool for those businesses looking to implement an Operations Technology revolution.”

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