Wednesday 30 November 2016

FID analyser retired.

Quantitech has supplied large numbers of MCERTS approved FID analysers for many years. These instruments are employed for the monitoring of TOC gas emissions in regulated processes. However, the Bernath 3006 analyser that was supplied for this purpose has been discontinued and Quantitech MD Ken Roberts says: “We are delighted to announce that we have replaced the 3006 with the portable SK Elektronik Thermo-FID PT, which is also manufactured in Germany to high standards, offers improved performance and enjoys MCERTS approval.

“Naturally, we are continuing to service the 3006 units that are still in the field, but customers wishing to upgrade their FID or to replace an ageing instrument will now be offered the portable Thermo-FID PT.”

The Thermo-FID PT weighs just 14Kg including a gas bottle holder, or 10kg as the free-standing version. Consequently, this portable FID is ideal for stack test houses and for users with multiple monitoring locations. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are commonly monitored in the emissions of combustion processes and those which involve the evaporative emissions of solvents and petrochemicals, including the Part B processes that are regulated by Local Authorities.

The Thermo-FID instruments measure TOC across an extraordinarily wide range of concentrations – from ppm to Vol% and also include fixed gas analysers. All models feature automatic start-up/ignition, built-in zero gas and burner air catalyst, automatic calibration, automatic adjustment of sample flow and require very low levels of maintenance. In addition to a choice of models, customers are also able to select from a number of options including Non-Methane Hydrocarbon measurement, internal data logging, heated sample line length, etc.

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