Wednesday 2 November 2016

Strengthening cybersecurity.

Bedrock Automation has extended cyber security to serial communications with a new SIOS.5 Serial I/O module for its BedrockTM Open Secure Automation (OSA™) control system. The SIOS.5 has five channels, each supported by an independent cyber secure 32-bit ARM processor.

Each channel is software-defined for RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 communications, extending the range of industrial edge devices that can be secured by users of the Bedrock OSA. Combined with other software-defined I/O modules, Bedrock OSA is the only system that delivers analog, discrete, digital, pulse, Ethernet and Serial data as intrinsically secure I/O.

"We connect every signal type to the Bedrock controller as software-defined I/O,with intrinsic cyber security. The SIOS.5I/O module provides users tight and effortless serial data integration. Extending Bedrock intrinsic cyber to serial communications delivers authentication of the firmware and drivers. The SIOS.5 will be valuable for users and necessary for building a secure IIoT,”" says Bedrock CTO and Engineering VP, Albert Rooyakkers.

Extending cyber security to serial communications results in improved reliability on a wide range of applications:

  • RS-232 support enables secure communication with modems, gateways, printers, barcode readers, programmable devices and PC peripherals.
  • RS-422 support with a single bus master for process automation (chemicals, brewing, paper mills), factory automation (autos, metal fabrication), HVAC, security, motor control, and motion control.
  • RS-485 support for multi master bus/drivers.
  • Mainstream protocols such as Modbus and ProfiBusDP.

Each of the SIOS.5 channels is independently configurable to support independent concurrent drivers. Five independent 32 bit ARM™ processors enable real-time performance of communications and control.

“"Edge devices that can be leveraged maliciously are coming into focus as a point of cyber vulnerability. By offering a secure serial module, however, Bedrock Automation has anticipated, and potentially closed, this additional point of entry into the industrial network,”" said ARC Research Group analyst Mark Sen Gupta.

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