Thursday 3 November 2016

Designing keyboards.

Designed by Engineers for Engineers, Multitron’s new MENTOR Keypad Components Microsite provides logical, easy-to-follow routes to help develop the ideal keypad design solution, accompanied by a host of essential explanatory and technical data. A one-minute video overview is provided on the Microsite.

The Microsite explains how MENTOR’s light guide competency delivers a homogenously-lit switch-face from just two customer-supplied SMD LEDs. Versions for use with tactile switches both under overlays and via apertures in painted enclosures are available. There are also shallow versions for use with MICON 5 and dome switches on membrane keypads. Ranges of status indicators are available to match the sizes and dimensions of the switch caps.

Versions are available with Integrated "Spot" Status Indication - individual secondary and tertiary status indication built into the switch face. Other versions incorporate miniature light guides which can be individual or grouped, to signal various switch or activation modes or they can function as traditional ON/OFF or Caps Lock indicators.

The range also includes unique light-guide based 7-segment displays, utilising separate SMD LEDs for each element of the 7 segments. This results in an infinite choice of colours. Infinite size variations is also achievable. Traditional 7 Segment displays are tall, and the difference in height between the display and other PCB components has to be overcome using mechanical methods. MENTOR has solved this problem – MENTOR tooling can be height-adjustable continuously between 4.5mm and 23.5mm at no cost.

The information on the Microsite includes dimensioned drawings, simple selection charts and information on ex-stock availability, MOQs for non-stocked parts etc. Rather than presenting long lists of tables, the Microsite uses graphical icons with “instant on hover” explanatory information.

With substantial and invaluable help from MENTOR, the new Microsite is arguably the web’s most comprehensive resource and obvious first port-of-call for specialist engineers seeking the optimum keypad component solution.

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