Wednesday 16 November 2016

Partner for for Analysis and Reporting programme.

WIN-911 has joined Ocean Data Systems' Dream Report Proven Partner Program and is recommending Dream Report as their solution for custom reports and dashboards.

WIN-911 is the most widely used alarm notification platform for industry and IIoT. The partnership with Dream Report enables WIN-911 users to analyze and report on the operation of WIN-911 beyond the standard reports built into the solution. WIN-911 offers alarm and activity logs available through a relational database. Dream Report, with over 70 interfaces to automation products and relational database standards, will acquire, analyze and integrate WIN-911 data with your other automation and business data, combining results into easily generated, reports and Web Dashboards.

“We are especially proud to be aligned with WIN-911 as they have a unique position in the market as does Dream Report,” explained Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “There is no stronger combination of products combining overall alarm notification with advanced reporting and analysis.”

“Dream Report is a quality product and we are always working to simplify the integration and on-going support of WIN-911 in conjunction with key partners,” explained Greg Jackson, CEO of WIN-911. “Customers are increasingly looking to analyze operational performance from all angles and will benefit knowing that our companies will work together in the support of joint customer solutions.”

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