Monday 21 November 2016

Outdoor noise and vibration monitoring station.

Svantek has launched its SV 258 PRO, an outdoor noise and vibration monitoring station with a more compact and lightweight design. Specially developed for construction site, tunnelling and blasting applications, this upgraded model weighs just 10kg and is available with 3G modem, solar panel support, advanced alarms and METEO.

Waterproof and portable, Svantek’s SV 258 PRO is battery powered and used for a wide range of outdoor industrial monitoring applications where measurements are required over a period of time, ranging from days to months, and where a hand-held sound level meter taking on the spot recordings would not be suitable. It can be set up to send email or SMS messages when threshold levels are exceeded.

The SV   258 PRO incorporates a SVAN 958A Class 1 four-channel sound and vibration analyser for applications that require simultaneous Class 1 sound and vibration assessment. Each of four input channels can be independently configured for sound or vibration detection with different filters and RMS detector time constants giving users significant measurement flexibility.

This station is protected by an IP 65-rated case containing a lead-acid battery and operating time can be easily extended by connecting an external battery or small solar panel. The intelligent charging unit enables use of a solar panel without expensive controllers and heavy batteries.

The case is fitted with very robust, waterproof connectors (military standard) and has an IP 65 external power supply. The system uses a low noise, hermetically sealed tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer enabling the outdoor use without additional enclosures. The accelerometers’ signal ground is insulated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. All accessories fit conveniently into a second carrying case.

It provides broadband vibration results such as RMS and Peak or Peak-Peak. Optionally it can use FFT analysis for determination of dominant frequency used for comparison with the BS and DIN norm curves. The broadband noise results can be recorded simultaneously in three acoustic profiles, which enable measurements to be taken with three different filters (e.g. A, C, Z) as well as 3 different detector time constants (e.g. Fast, Slow, Impulse).

It can be easily removed from the case and used as hand-held vibration and sound level meter. The monitoring station uses the 3G modem for the remote communication with Internet.

The relay server, SvanNET, supports the connection between PC and station allowing the usage of all types of SIM cards with the system, regardless if they have public or private IP. The connection over SvanNET gives access to the status of the noise monitoring station via mobile phone or tablet.

Svantek’s SV 258 PRO is available with a range of optional functions including SvanPC++ remote communication software package and FFT for dominant frequency determination. In building / ground vibration mode, the 1/1 octave analysis is recorded as velocity RMS spectrum while the 1/3 octave analysis is available as an alternative to building / ground vibration mode.

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