Monday 14 November 2016

Helping to keep patients mobile!

EOVE revolutionises the market by significantly reducing the weight of its life-saving ventilators. ASCO solinoid valves contribute to this improvement.

The EO-150 Unit
EOVE designs, manufactures, and markets medical and surgical devices used during home care. Launched in 2015, the EO-150 has a big advantage over its competitors. Weighing just 1.8 kg, it is the lightest ventilator on the market and allows patients greater mobility. "The EO-150 is designed mainly for patients with serious medical conditions, many of whom use a ventilator 24/7," explains Fabien Cotteaux, founder of EOVE. "Mobility is not just a convenience, it is also a reason for living. Patients who are active and mobile live longer and have undeniably better social relations".

"The ASCO solenoid valve is an essential component of our ventilators," says Mr. Cotteaux. "This is because it meets a twofold need -- it contributes to controlling a complex process and is light enough to ensure that our ventilators remain portable".

Expiration is achieved by a pneumatic valve on the patient circuit that is controlled by ASCO's PreciFlow IPC solenoid valve. The unit operates in a closed loop via various sensors. Control is achieved by varying the current and the function was entirely programmed by EOVE.

"The first thing we wanted was a solenoid that could combine high-precision control with high repeatability. We contacted our regular partner, ASCO, which immediately proposed a solution that proved to be ideal due to its progressive opening and excellent repeatability."

ASCO's PreciFlow IPC proportional solenoid valves are especially suited to medical and industrial analysis applications, in particular medical ventilators and mass flow controllers. The core of these solenoid valves is held in the core tube between two specifically profiled flat springs to completely eliminate friction and offer excellent control performance with a hysteresis of less than 5% and a repeatability and sensitivity of less than 1%.

"In terms of the EO-150's portability, ASCO was the only company to come up with an adequate solution. Unlike during the tests we conducted with the competitors' valves, the PreciFlow IPC does not overheat, control and reliability are not affected, and the consumption is extremely reasonable,"  commented Mr. Cotteaux.

The EO-150 consists of a portable module with six hours of battery life and a docking station. The module can be safely be removed from the docking station for easier portability. It is also networked, making it possible to obtain data remotely.

ASCO 202 PreciFlow IBC valve
The Series 202 PreciFlow IPC (Inlet Pressure Compensated) solenoid valve proportionally controls the flow of air. This innovation enables high pressures and flow rates with a low-energy coil (2.5 W max.). Although compact, it offers a high variable flow rate (190 l/min at 2.6 bar) without a minimum operating pressure. The PreciFlow IPC is available in 2/2 NC function with a 3 mm orifice and can be used over a pressure range of 0 to 7 bar with a maximum inlet pressure of 10 bar. The valves were delivered to EOVE in order to immediately meet the requested function of being fitted with an adequate connector with a specific cable length.

"Since being launched in 2015, more than a thousand EO-150s are in use. There have been zero reports of failure, which is crucial considering what it the EO-150 is used for," says Mr. Cotteaux.

These devices meet stringent safety standards and bear the CE marking for medical devices.

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