Thursday 22 October 2015

Transducer BTL with real-time Ethernet interfaces.

The new transducers in rod and profile housings with an Ethernet interface from Balluff offer multiple advantages for machine manufacturers and operators with respect to startup and machine output. The standardized communication protocols and automatic address assignment simplify integration of the transducer into the controller and the plant network. Because of this, a complex programming process is no longer necessary. This leads to a shortened machine startup time, low implementation costs and reduces fault sources simultaneously.

The 4 diagnostic LEDs on the sensor head can check both the sensor status and the status of the Ethernet connection. This supports easy maintenance and quick service.

The transducer is ideally suited for use in advanced applications (those involving controlled axes, for example) due to synchronous, extremely fast and secure real-time data transmission and the precise, highly dynamic position measurement with 1 µm resolution. This advantage contributes to a higher machine output and improved production quality. The transducers of the BTL7 series can detect and process up to 16 position encoders. Two values can be output for each position encoder: the position and the speed. Because of this, a single measurement can yield up to 32 measured values.

Selectable real-time Ethernet interfaces include Profinet IRT, EtherCAT and Varan. The product portfolio includes a total of four designs: the classic rod housing for installation in the cylinder and three profile versions for flexible mounting on a machine. The profiles are divided into a square 36x36 mm design, an extremely flat profile with an overall height of 21 mm and a round profile 30 mm in diameter.

The transducers with real-time Ethernet interfaces can be used in any setting in which high control dynamics and accuracy are required. This includes areas of material processing, the plastics industry, reshaping technology and the food industry.

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