Thursday 29 October 2015

SCADA software for remote oil and gas operations.

Enhancements to the OpenEnterprise v3 SCADA platform for the onshore oil and gas market have been announced by Emerson. The OpenEnterprise v3.2 release adds a native interface to the AMS Device Manager asset management software, enabling users to remotely manage and maintain HART® and WirelessHART® devices in wide-area SCADA networks.

Oil and gas asset owners are under increasing pressure to maintain the profitability of their field operations. OpenEnterprise v3.2 together with AMS Device Manager allows asset owners to extend the reach of their predictive maintenance capability out to their remote assets, providing a powerful and proactive method of diagnosing potential device problems remotely. This results in reduced trips to the field and helps to avoid unplanned process shutdowns, improving safety, reliability, and profitability.

“We developed OpenEnterprise v3.2 to offer new ways for our customers to improve the productivity of their operations,” said Aaron Boettcher, senior SCADA systems manager, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. “Now we can provide them with significantly enhanced capability to rapidly respond and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace field devices, before making trips out to the field.”

The native interface of OpenEnterprise v3.2 to AMS Device Manager enables the collection of wired and wireless HART digital device data over low bandwidth wide-area SCADA networks from Emerson ROC, FloBoss, and ControlWave RTUs without adding the additional complexity and expense of external HART multiplexers. Support for AMS Device Manager SNAP-ON applications, OpenEnterprise SCADA server redundancy, multiple deployment options, and data collection for up to 10,000 HART devices ensures flexibility and scalability for a wide range of remote oil and gas applications.

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